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Gregory's Scribbles

It's hard to stay within the lines

Gregory Sare Landolt
16 February 1965
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Every time I start one of these it sounds like a personal ad, so I've decided to list some of the more unusual things about me.

Things that I love
Eating ice cream in the rain
Taking things apart just to see how they work
Office Supplies
Doing cartwheels in a crowded place like the mall
Making lists, some of which serve no purpose at all
Spending a lot of time at Home Depot
Putting peanut butter on dogs' noses
Talking about computers as if they were alive
Listening to Christmas music all through the year
Sitting on the beach at night, just to hear the waves crash onto the shore
Boxed sets (or collections) of books, music, and movies
rogonandi, my husband...I love him with all my heart!

Things that I hate (some of these aren't unusual)
Bad things that happen to good people
Car alarms that keep going off in the middle of the night
When nobody tells me that I have a booger hanging out of my nose
Peeing in a cup
Columns out of alignment
Being told that I can't do something
Being told that I have to do something
The battery going dead in my cell phone or in my cordless phone
Stubbing my toe
Pennywise the clown from the movie IT (scares the hell out of me!)

Things that I miss
My mom
The Navy

Nicknames that I have been called
Gay Gay (when my sisters were little and couldn't say Greg. Maybe they were just perceptive)
Clark Kent
Doodie McFloodie

Other names that I have been called on more than one occasion

More odd bits
I think of the number 5 as an even number.
I have over 120 music CDs, but I don't have a CD player.
I'd drive 45 miles to the store instead of picking up the phone to see if they have an item.
I will French kiss someone and chew the gum that they were just chewing, but I get grossed out if I touch a place where they have spit.
I enjoy jumping and playing in mud, but I can't stand getting my hands dirty.

Those are just some quirky things about me. More information about me can be found by checking out the about page on my website.

Here's the weather in my neck of the woods.
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