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Computers Love/Hate

Computers can be the best things in the world for communicating with people all across the globe. Instant Messaging gives the illusion of bringing those people very close to you. You can chat, send pictures, and even play games. It truly is very wonderful.

Computers can be the spawn of the Devil. They dangle the brass ring just within reach and not only pull it away when you reach for it, but yank the rug out from beneath you as well. They crash, hang, perform illegal operations, and disconnect at the most inopportune times.

Computers are terrific when your boyfriend/girlfriend is thousands of miles away. You can fill each other in on how your day has been going by carrying on interactive conversations. You can express your love and caring as well as you problems and complaints in creative and effective ways.

Computers become frustrating pieces of hardware when that communication gets misinterpreted, cut off, or non-accessible all together.

Computers and more specifically, computers and the interconnectivity of the Internet, happens to be a love/hate relationship.

Right now I hate them. My boyfriend and I were having a nice virtual night out and our date was cut annoyingly short. Grrrrrrr!

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