Gregory Sare Landolt (gregoid) wrote,
Gregory Sare Landolt

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Silly Mood

As the moonlight shines into my eyes (you know, I really do need to fix those blinds), I'm at such peace that I have no idea what time it is (that is because the power went out again and all I get is a blinking clock). I can't help but be reminded of the day's events (that is because the neighbors are fighting and I keep hearing, "Do you have any idea what I did all day? Well let me tell you..."). I didn't see my doctor long (Because I didn't have an appointment with Dr. Long, it was with Dr. Fik.) and as I left I had a lot to think about (Which lot did I park my car in?). I didn't stop anywhere on the way home (that's because I caught all the green lights).

Well, it's time for bed. The lights are going out (that's because I tripped over the lamp cord).

G'night dudes and dudettes
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