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Niece and Ants

Wow, this is a new one. I'm in a great mood, but I have absolutely nothing to do. I guess it is because my oldest niece is spending the day. She doesn't have school today and my sister is working, so we get to look after her for the day. She is too old to call it babysitting. I mean after all she is 7. lol

Mom took her to the library and they are going to stop at Jack in the Box on the way back home to get lunch.

"Die ant, die!" Grrr. I just found an ant crawling on my arm. I don't mind ants that stay outside, but when they enter the house their life expectancy drastically drops. Aha! I see where the little bugger came from. I see a trail forming on the baseboard in the bathroom. Looks like I have to do an inspection to see where they are coming from.

*picks up the can of ant spray* Later dudes and dudettes, I have me some insects to hunt....

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