Gregory Sare Landolt (gregoid) wrote,
Gregory Sare Landolt

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The Real Dream

To me you were only a beautiful dream
A fantasy image or so it would seem

Your goals and your dreams are refreshingly new
And you're driven to make all of them come true

Your fun and witty mind draws an image clear
With a vibrant picture you can almost hear

Your passion for excellence keeps you going
Completing tasks that will surely be glowing

Your feelings for those that you most care about
Comes right from your heart and for that there's no doubt

You really exist for the whole world to see
But managed to make your way over to me

My days are now filled with so much joy and love
I feel like I'm soaring the blue sky above

When I'm sleeping and dreamland comes into view
I notice I am standing right next to you

With your hands set in mine and smiling so sweet
Then closing our eyes as our lips finally meet

When I think about you, you seem like a dream
Except you are real and we make quite a team

-+-+ I'm glad you are in my life
+-+- Hugs and Kisses,
-+-+ Greg

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