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Eyes upon me

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As I walk along the line of trees that separates the woods from the meadow, I can't help but feel as if I'm being watched. Whether these eyes belong to friend or foe, it doesn't seem to matter. I am intrigued by being watched.

I wander out into the openness of the meadow, traveling farther from the protection of the trees. There will be no hiding if these eyes decide to follow and get closer. My heart begins to beat faster because of the added element of danger and suspense. I keep moving farther from the trees. I finally notice movement within the woods. The eyes are taking a chance of being seen.

Is it man or is it beast? It seems to be hiding too well to be a beast. It is more than likely a human. Is this person friendly and just as curious as I am? Does this person know me and if so, why is this person hiding? I decide to press my luck and continue far from safety.

I wander over to a large oak tree and sit down by the trunk in the shade. I keep my gaze on the trees at the entrance to the woods. It is too far to see any detail within the woods and I'm certain that I am not that easy to see either sitting beside the large oak.

My mind begins to wander and I'm lost in thought. I'm startled to hear a twig snap and as I look around, I see a figure standing close by.

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