Gregory Sare Landolt (gregoid) wrote,
Gregory Sare Landolt

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Tired of being sick

Uugh. This cold is dragging on. I just wish I would get really sick, get better, and move on. I hate this icky feeling that just seems to drag on for days.

Okay, That's it for my whining about the cold for today.

I finished paying all my bills for the month, all except the automatic payment ones. They come out in a couple of weeks, but the ones I have to pay attention to are paid.

Tomorrow, I will go and exchange my clothes, that is, if it isn't already too late.

It has been very quiet here for the past few days. I haven't gotten any phone calls, 1 text message, and 1 email (well, 1 email that wasn't spam). There are very few people to IM chat with too. I need a project that will let me sit mindlessly for hours doing, besides playing Solitaire or watching TV.

I had a dream last night that involved taking a blowtorch to a piano. Don't worry, the piano was not damaged, but instead the torching of the dark varnish revealed a treasure map. The wood itself didn't burn. I never did find the treasure, but I thought it was interesting enough to bring up.

I guess I'll go try and find something to do. Later Dudes and Dudettes!
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