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Riding the Bipolar Express

Are you all strapped in? Good! Hold on tight cause here we go!

Woke up this morning freaked out because of a nightmare I couldn't get away from.

Calmed down after I finished writing a journal entry about it.

Chatted with rogonandi and began feeling really good.

Took a shower and thawed out. Started to relax.

Got dressed and made a dinner run.

Finished dinner, got back online, and read some journal comments. A comment by swipe69 got me thinking about the nightmare again.

Started getting depressed realizing that the dream/nightmare was representing many insecurities that I have.

Chatted with stevenh and northing and began to cheer up again.

Had to run to the store for my mom to pick up some medicine for the cold that she has.

Got back online, when I got home and started to get annoyed with blinking icons that are supposed to mean something, but they LIE!

pty calls on the cell phone and starts to babble which irritates me even more (not his fault).

Now I'm Manic and angry. I can't seem to calm down. I feel like putting my fist through the monitor screen. I won't because I have control, but feel like it nonetheless.

Hope you enjoyed the ride. Come back soon and tell all your friends. Please ignore any yelling of frustration that you may hear, those are just preparations for the next ride. Goodbye! Thanks for coming.

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