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I had a nightmare that wouldn't go away. I kept waking up and was so tired that I went back to sleep only to be right back in the middle of it again with the scenery changed. The only constants in the dream were me being shot or dying and I had a hamster that kept getting out of his cage.

The first nightmare I had, started out as a dream sequence that went bad. I can't remember why, but I was in some kind of hospital bed that I was on the street with. I was able to get it moving, but of course I didn't have and way to stop it. That was no problem as there were no cars on any of the streets, only people, bicycles, skateboards, etc. I came to a stop by some activity where my sister told me that I shouldn't be there because someone might see me. I got pissed off and told her where to go.

Next thing I knew she was trying to get me out of there, but when she grabbed the rails of the bed, all of these little spikes came out of the rail and punctured her hand. The spikes had some sort of paralyzing toxin that immobilized her. It was some sort of defense system on the bed. I told my mom that was now standing there as well (In all of my dreams with my mom, she is always walking) that my sister will be fine in a few hours and that it was only temporary.

I was still pissed and I walked away from there. Why I was in the bed in the first place, I have no idea. When I looked backed the bed was now a wheelchair, but it had the defense mechanism in it.

I went into a run-down hotel that was not too far away and got a room. It was warm out and the wind was blowing strong enough that one of the screens on one of the windows was getting ready to fall out because of the pressure. It didn't fit right, so I pulled it out and tried to put it back so it wouldn't pop out. But now it was too small to fit in the window and every time I put the screen near the window it was like a huge suction that would grab it and stick it to the frame of the window. I looked around to see it I could use another frame. I noticed that the window to my door had one larger and that I could probably cut down to size. (Don’t ask me why I had a window in my door. It was a dream.)

I closed the blinds on the door, so nobody could see what I was doing with the screens. I started to work on the screens, and heard someone coming down the hall. I looked back toward the door and could see two mobster looking guys coming. I ran back to the door and tried to close the blinds, which I had already closed before. It was too late. They already saw me. The guy in front pulls out a gun and I start to stumble backwards. I run over to the phone and keep pressing 0 for the hotel operator. I can hear the phone ringing, but nobody answers. I start yelling help, while pleading at the same time and crying. The guy ends up shooting me. Just then the phone goes dead. The other guy ripped the cord from the wall.

I can now see the lobby and the clerk was on a ladder and was just coming down to answer the phone when it stopped ringing. He shrugged and went back to work.

Meanwhile, I'm slumped down in the corner of the room and blood is all over the place. I'm dead, but I don't wake up from my now nightmare. The guys leave the room and I'm still slumped there with the breeze blowing through the room.

The nightmare starts to take on different aspects now. The room has changed slightly. The wind is no longer blowing and the other window is now gone and my bed is there, that is my loft is there. It is not a hotel room anymore it is my bedroom. I see a hamster cage and the table and watch it for a while. There is something wrong. I've been shot and I'm bleeding. Next thing I know I'm in bed and there seems to be a wallpaper border running part way around the top of my wall and stops by my bed.

My mom comes in with clothes or something and starts putting stuff away. She tells me that my stepfather couldn't finish with the border because I was in bed. She keeps talking and I'm wondering why she can't see that I'm bleeding. I look back at the wall next to me and now there is blood splattered on the wall and on the border. She still doesn't notice.

I notice that my hamster is out of his cage, so I go over and put him back in.

Now my stepfather is in the room and putting up the rest of the border now that I'm out of my bed. I'm thinking, "Are they blind?!?" I know I'm dying and nobody can tell that anything is wrong. I keep worrying about my hamster. He is out again. I want to make sure he is safe because I won't be able to help him much longer.

Now my mom is back in the scene and I am very pissed off that she can't tell that I'm dying. She starts to talk and I tell her to just shut up. It ends up being like a scene from Austin Powers. I won't even let her say anything and I keep telling her to shut up.

That is when I finally woke up for good and stayed awake.

This is very disturbing to me. This is freaking me out.

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