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Gifts on Christmas

Christmas Day was fun. I got to see my nieces and nephews getting excited as they opened up their presents. I took some pics, but I'm too tired to upload them now. Come on everyone in unison...Awwwww, too bad. hehe - I KNOW how disappointed you are. ;-)

I was stuffed with coffee cake for breakfast, then make-your-own turkey croissant sandwiches for lunch. I was forced to pig out. lol - hmmm, now that I think about it, I was the one doing all the forcing. ;-) How could I resist? Everything tasted soooo good. I guess that is what happens when my sister cooks so well.

I got a very weird gift from my niece. It is an aquarium that looks like a computer monitor. So now I have a fish screensaver with the most realistic fish movements that I have seen! lol

I also got a lot of clothes (which I asked for). Most of which have to be taken back to be exchanged. They are either too big, too short in the sleeves (I need tall shirts), or VERY ugly. lol

I also got a staple gun! lol - long story. :-)

Kylene, kept bringing me all of her gifts, so I could help her open them. Awww, I love her so much. She got these twin baby dolls and a purse combo and she held the dolls and kept saying, "Baby." It was soo cute! Well, I guess you had to be there. hehehe

All and all I had a wonderful time. But when I got home, I was soo tired that I was falling asleep when I was chatting. :-( I ended up going to bed really early. I woke up not too long ago for a bathroom break and jumped online to check lj, email, and see who was online. Now it is time for me to return back to the warm bed and dream some more of cute boys by the fire.

I hope all of you had a great Christmas and Santa brought you what you wanted.


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