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I am in a very good mood. I'm finishing up little projects that I have put on hold, paid the bills, and I'm even thinking about cleaning the bathroom next.

Yes, all the warning signs are there and the internal alarms have gone off. I'm Manic! Oh well, at least I'm not out of control. I just hope that when I come down of this high that I don't crash.

It always amazes me that when I'm like this I can't even imagine ever being depressed. I know that I have been depressed many times and that more likely than not, I will be again, but I love this particular state, not a care in the world, able to achieve anything, and not being so manic that I'm out of control. Wow what a rush!

If only I could bottle up some of this energy and use it when I'm on the other end of the mood swing.

I am watching myself very closely so I don't do something stupid. I have already decided not the buy the UPS today. If I get into the store with my credit card in my hot little hand, I know I'll go crazy and buy crap that I don't need. And since registration is on Friday, I need the money to register.

The only bad thing about being like this is that my judgment is soooo impaired. I need one of those time lock safes so I can put my credit cards in it. Because already I hear the little thoughts saying, "It's not that expensive. You'll have enough." Yeah, Right! Oh well, while the mental battle for control of the credit cards goes on, I will try to ignore it and continue with this entry.

Wow, it's already pretty long. I wish a knew how to use that link/read more feature I've seen on other posts.

My mind is going a mile a minute right now. I can't sit still any longer. I need to get up and do something. The Bathroom!
Tags: bi-polar (manic-depression), bills, cleaning, college

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