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The Heat

It's 103 degrees right now in the shade. I hate hot weather. The forecast says the highs will be in the mid 90s for the rest of the week. ugggh!

I want to go get a Uninterruptible Power Supply for my computer today, just in case the power goes out again, but I really hate to go outside. The air-conditioning is so nice in the apartment.

Before I can run the A/C in my truck, I need to install an additional fan to cool down the A/C radiator. The previous owner put a lift kit on the truck and decided to just trim the fan blades so they wouldn't hit anything. Why they didn't just put an electric fan on the truck then, I will never know. The truck overheats as soon as the A/C is turned on because the current trimmed fan can't do the job of cooling both the main radiator and the A/C radiator as well. So now I have to deal with the heat while in my truck because I can't turn on the A/C until I can install the electric fan.

I haven't heard any more news about the fire. I guess no news is good news. I'm sure this heat is not helping at all.
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