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Christmas Time

Now is the time for Yule tide
When people travel far and wide
Running about with their tongues hanging out
Clutching onto their side

They've been through the stores
And seen all the treats
Walked millions of miles
With cramps in their feets

The stores are packed, the parking lots jammed
The streets are filled with maniacs
They're frazzled and worn and lean on the horn
About ready to have heart attacks

They pull in the drive
Wondering how they survived
Every muscle's been used
Every credit card abused

They come through the door with packages galore
Collapsing on the sofa beneath them
They close their eyes, then open them in surprise
They have company coming to meet them

The guests have all split, the party was a hit
The Jolly One is due up ahead
Suddenly he arrives, with a twinkle in his eyes
And says, "Merry Christmas, now GO TO BED!"

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