Gregory Sare Landolt (gregoid) wrote,
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Benadril Induced chat.

hippograf: I have no idea what im saying
Mr Gregoid: you aren't saying anything that I can hear.
Mr Gregoid: I only hear my computer fan
hippograf: chaa very philosphical type answer
Mr Gregoid: you have no idea what you are typing.
hippograf: very zen techno thought
hippograf: maybe thats a new religion is zen techno
hippograf: what is the sound of one finger typing in chat
Mr Gregoid: ohhh, ohhh, yaaa, yaaa! I..I'm ...uhhhhh!
hippograf: what???
Mr Gregoid: that is usually the sound I hear when I'm typing with one finger.
hippograf: ohh now whos bad?
hippograf: LOL

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