Gregory Sare Landolt (gregoid) wrote,
Gregory Sare Landolt

I'm lucky to have such wonderful FRIENDS!

I couldn't figure out what I wanted to say in my last entry. I had writer's block, but I kept receiving comments. :-) It turned into a roll call of sorts. Let me try again...the problem is that I have so much to say. I'll summarize (in alphabetical order)...


that I have known for many years before LJ

fenrir_wolf and pty

that I have met since I began LJ

northing and mooflyfoof

that have given me the fighting spirit and the strength to not give up

calimtnredneck, mark3, and princeargon

that have given me wisdom and inspiration

calimtnredneck, northing, kylewallace (believe it or not), mark3, and tomcan

that make me laugh

animator, calimtnredneck, choochootwo, derekja, djslam9, eduncan, eezb, fenrir_wolf, forcemajeure, gareon, tisoi, northing, justoneshot, kirkhfx, kylewallace, lakeguy, mark3, marklevoyageur, mooflyfoof, outoftheblue03, princeargon, pty, rogonandi, runnerup, starliner, stevenh, technolvr, tomcan, and tommyboysrock

that I cared about so much that I ended up crying at some point

calimtnredneck, eezb, fenrir_wolf, northing, and pty

that have hurt my brain and made me look stuff up

fenrir_wolf, forcemajeure, and tisoi

that I have talked to on the phone

eezb, fenrir_wolf, northing, pty, and tomcan

that I have voice chatted with online

eezb and lakeguy

that I have IM'd with

animator, bbgex, calimtnredneck, choochootwo, derekja, djslam9, eezb, fenrir_wolf, northing, kirkhfx, kylewallace, lakeguy, marklevoyageur, outoftheblue03, princeargon, pty, rogonandi, starliner, stevenh, tomcan, tommyboysrock, and tridude

that I have seen on cam

eezb, fenrir_wolf, kirkhfx (almost), lakeguy, and pty (on my cam)

that I haven't gotten to really know that well, but would like to

cobalt999, derekja, gareon, tisoi, runnerup (I don't know why I haven't made contact earlier. Every time I see Rob come online, I become timid for some reason), and sethcryllis

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