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I ended up doing a total of 12 loads of laundry today! They were all MY clothes too. I had 3 different sizes of clothes that needed to be washed. More than half of the clothes that I washed no longer fit. They are now too big. YAY!

I'm going to store the Levis that are too big because I can't throw or give good Levis away and I will see if anyone can use my other clothes or donate them to Goodwill. Some of my clothes are brand new and have only been washed once (today).

It was exciting and sad trying on ALL of my clothes to see what still fit and which clothes looked like they belonged to someone else. I had to say goodbye to some very nice shirts and sweaters because they looked ridiculous on me. I also had to say goodbye to ALL 10 pairs of dress pants and slacks because there is no way I can wear a 40 inch waist pair of pants anymore.

I still need to go to storage and retrieve all of my clothes there and try them on. I know I have some belts that I can wear again and a few jackets. I don't think I need to try on my snow clothes yet, but I may anyways just to find out if I will need to buy new cold weather clothes, if I happen to visit the snow and stay for any length of time.

My closet is now manageable again and my dresser isn't overflowing with clothes, except my sock drawer. I have WAY too many socks. I'm the Imelda Marcos of socks.

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