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The Daredevil Kid

Sitting comfortably on his banana seat, the Daredevil Kid looks over his orange "Spider-5," five-speed bicycle. He's making sure everything is in place for his next feat of courage. The gearshift on the center bar is held in first-gear with the strapping twine off of the newspaper bundles that he delivers every afternoon. The gear shift had been broken months before during one of his less successful daring maneuvers. He spins the pedals backwards making sure there isn't any grass or debris in the chain. He squeezes the brakes on the handlebars to make sure they are catching the rims of the wheels. Everything checks out okay.

The Daredevil Kid looks down to the bottom of the hill to the ramp that was placed on the edge of the driveway. His death-defying feat is to completely jump over the driveway. His friends are standing by the ramp eager to see if he can pull it off. He knows that if he pulls this off, he will be the best and the other guys will have to do something even more outrageous to steal the title from him.

He places his right foot on the pedal and spins the chain backwards until the pedal almost reaches the top. He applies a little pressure to the pedal with his foot and is now ready to go. He takes a deep breath and starts pedaling as fast as he can go. The Daredevil Kid is picking up speed as he travels down the hill. He dodges a boulder and a thicket of weeds. He has to pull up on his handlebars to jump a pothole. He's now pedaling as fast as he can and he can see the ramp up ahead. His friends are yelling, "Come on Greg! You can do it!" He continues to pedal as his front tire hits the ramp. The Daredevil Kid is launched into the air and the jump was a success. He cleared the driveway!

The jump isn't over though. He still has to land. He notices that his bike is heading toward a light pole. He must ditch the bike to avoid a collision! He pushes away the bike as hard as he can and misses the light pole by mere inches. The bike isn't as lucky. It slams into the light pole and flies off into the street. The daredevil Kid lands on the grass and tumbles to a stop.

His friends rush over to see if he is hurt. The Daredevil Kid smiles and says, "Damn! Did you see that?" He's all right and is hailed the best in the group. Not only did he clear the driveway, but he also happened to jump the width of two driveways. This stunt would be awfully hard to beat.

The Daredevil Kid wanders over to his bike to see what damage has been done. He picks it up and looks it over. It has a few more scratches, but it looks okay. He gets on and spins the pedals backwards with his feet. He squeezes the brakes to see if they touch the rims. He checks the twine to see if it broke. Everything checks out fine. His Spider-5 is good to go for the next hair raising, death-defying feat of courage.

That wasn't the last stunt that I did but it was the most exciting. My poor 5-speed bike went through hell but it took everything I threw at it. I had to replace tires, brake cables, pedals, and even the whole front tire because I bent the rim by hitting a car. I never broke any bones, but I did get scraped up quite a bit. My mom mellowed out over time, as I would hobble into the house with my clothes ripped and blood everywhere. I would always get grounded, but I was still the best.
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