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LiveJournal Drama


Why do some people feel the need to belittle, berate, antagonize, and call each other names? Life is too short to spend most of it fighting and bickering with each other.

There are a couple of people on my friend's list that are doing this very thing right now. I won't name any names. I really don't care who started what or how you feel about each other. Please leave it out of MY journal! If you want to act like petty little children, then by all means, go right ahead, but do it in your own journals or flame each other in email. Leave me out of this. I have a reason for adding people on my friend's list. Telling me to drop somebody for whatever reason is not your decision to make.

There is enough drama and crap in real life. We don't need anymore floating around on the Net. I come online to have fun and enjoy myself by sharing my life with other people that I care about. What I don't need is LJ drama. I usually stay away from journals that contain mostly drama.

Now I'm not trying to keep anybody from posting ANY comment directed at me. I welcome all comments. But when you attack someone else in my journal, I don't tolerate that. Take this as the only warning I will give. If it happens again, I will drop the instigating party or both parties involved.

I hate to be an ass-hole, but I'm getting tired of the crap. If you find the need to act like children, then take it elsewhere, PLEASE!!!

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