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Too nice

I have just been thinking about a lot of different things. The one thing that I keep coming back to is my personality. I have been told by a lot of women and a few men that I would make someone a wonderful husband. So why is it that I always seem to be the bride's maid and not the bride? The analogy is close enough to suit this purpose.

Maybe I'm too nice or at least seem that way from the outside. I'm kind, generous, thoughtful, caring, and treat most people with respect. I guess I have too much of the squeaky clean image and I guess guys don't really want that no matter what they really say.

I'm not feeling sorry for myself, but that is how this entry is starting to look. I am just making an observation and trying to come up with some ideas of how I'm perceived by others. I'm also curious as to which types of guys would be interested in me.

I know that I look for guys that are caring and open. I don't like to be ignored or shut out. I also look for someone that is outgoing--either a little or a lot. I tend to be introverted, but I come out of my shell when I'm with outgoing people. I have a mischievous nature that is always begging to come out and play. I'm also very spontaneous. I don't think twice about jumping in the truck and driving for miles to spend a few minutes or hours doing something.

I seem to make friends easily, but don't seem to have the spark to ignite a love interest. I'm really not complaining because I love making friends, but I'm just curious about the types of guys that would be interested in someone with my personality. I might be hanging out in the wrong places.

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