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Puzzle #4

Congratulations to northing for solving Puzzle #3 in lightning speed. :-) Since he answered it so quickly, I have decided to put up the next puzzle now.

Solution to Puzzle #3

Zero. You will not find unlisted phone numbers in a phone directory.

Okay, it seems that the last puzzle was a little too easy, so this next puzzle will require a little more lateral thinking to solve.

Puzzle #4

Elevator riddle

This guy living on the 20th floor in an apartment building got up early each morning to go to work in a downtown store. He always went into the elevator on the 20th floor and rode down to the entrance (1st floor). When he came home he always rode the elevator from the entrance and up to the 8th floor. He walked out of the elevator and walked the stairs up to his
apartment on the 20th floor.

Why didn't he take the elevator all the way up to his apartment?

Note: the riddle is deliberately vauge and does not contain all the information to solve. You can ask me yes or no questions, if you need some hints.

Hint #1: he can take the elevator all the way up to the 20th floor on rainy days.
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