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Halloween 2002 - Part 3 (the end)


I was lying on the couch under the blanket while northing made coffee. I was so comfortable and warm and didn't feel like getting up. He brought me a cup when it was ready and I sat up to drink it. We talked about what we would do all day. Then he took a shower while I was sewing a button my pants. [Oh, Kyle, that reminds me. I never did sew up that hole in your jacket pocket.]

After fixing my pants and taking my shower, I had to call my credit card company to find out why my card was being denied. I was on hold FOREVER! Kyle suggested that we head out, so I grabbed my jacket and went to the car. We had been driving for a while and I was still on hold. Then someone comes on and gets my information and places me in another hold queue. Kyle had to pull over because he knew there was a dead cell zone coming up and he didn't want me to have to go through all that waiting again.

The (excuse my language) bastards at Providian (yeah, I don't mind name dropping) had just given me a new card and had transferred my old balance to the new card. Well, when I made a payment to the old card, it was not recorded on the new card and they de-activated my card because I was late in making a payment! AAAArrrrrrgggghh. I gave the lady (and I use that term loosely) all the information about the payment, including the date that the payment posted. "I'm sorry," she says, "I need to have the reference number of your online payment to investigate. You could go ahead and make a payment now and it would take two days to re-activate your card." The reference info is hundreds of miles away on my computer and I will be home in two days, so all of this is pointless. I'm not sure how I kept from blowing up, but I was able to calm down and enjoy the ride.

After I calmed down, I began talking. Actually talking is not the correct term mouth was more like a runaway train. I couldn't shut up--I'm reminded of the time my Gram was talking non-stop from the time my Dad picked up us kids, to a point right past the Rincon near Carpenteria. My Dad had enough and told Gram, "Mom, shut up!"--I'm sure Kyle was thinking the same thing but he was polite enough not to say anything.

As we got to San Francisco, we drove by the Pac Bell Stadium. I mentioned the Angels and Kyle was about ready to let me off right there. :-) I didn't say anything more about that. After having to squeeze into one lane, we finally made it to a parking structure by the Metreon.

We walked around Market Street for a while before stopping in a sports bar to get something to eat and drink. The food was good, regardless of the fact that the waitress ignored us. After eating Kyle took me to get a Ghirardelli hot fudge sundae. Mmmm Good stuff!

We made it back to the Metreon and had a little trouble picking up the tickets. I still hope Kyle doesn't get charged twice for the tickets. With tickets in Kyle's hand, we headed up stairs to see Star Wars: Attack of the Clones on IMAX. It was incredible! During the movie, I had the urge to reach over and hold Kyle's hand, but I didn't. I hadn't gotten any green light signals up ‘til then and didn't know how he would react.

After the movie we saw some kids playing a game that had footpads for the game controls and this one kid's feet were moving so fast that I got tired watching him.

We then went into a Virgin Music Store (I remember when they were Virgin Records) and looked for music by IONA (eezb's favourite musical group). They had a touch screen where we were able to hear samples of the different tracks. It was pretty cool. You could also bring a CD and scan the barcode to hear samples before you buy the CD.

After that we decided to go walking before getting dinner. We walked around Market street some more, went to the top of a hotel (I can't remember the name) and we were told that there was a private party going on and we were literally held on the elevator and sent back down. :-) Oh well, it was still cool being able to see the area through the glass windows of the elevator.

Then we walked UP to California Street. Damn, the muscles in my legs were burning by the time we reached California Street. Those streets are steep. We then walked down to Chinatown and headed back to the Metreon to get some sushi for dinner.

I didn't feel like sitting at the bar, so we waited a while for a table. Kyle recommended the eel and it ended up being very good. Kyle looked so cute sitting there with the very bright lights overhead. I wanted to kiss him, but I still hadn't received any green lights. At one point Kyle had this far off look on his face like he was thinking about something. I said he looked deep in thought, to which he replied that he was thinking about something. What I wanted him to say was that he noticed me looking at him, but he didn't.

After we finished eating we visited the Sony Store and checked out all the latest coolness. If only I was born rich instead of beautiful. Hahaha Just kidding.

Anyways, after locating the car, we headed back to Monterey. On the drive back, I finally followed through and put my hand on Kyle's shoulder. He didn't object so I took that as a good sign.

When we got home, we watched the Peanuts Halloween Special and then Princess Mononoke while sitting underneath a blanket on the couch. It was while we were watching Princess Mononoke that I decided to massage Kyle's feet. When the movie was over, Kyle asked me if I wanted to come over to the futon and cuddle. I didn't have to be asked twice.

I'll leave the rest up to your imagination.


In the morning, we woke up in each other's arms.

I bet northing is squirming in his chair right now. ;-)

After showering and getting dressed we had the left over Mahi from dinner the other night (still excellent) and I headed home around 3:30 PM.

The trip home was uneventful and I got home at 8:15 PM.

That was my wonderful weekend. I wish it could have lasted forever,

-- the end --

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