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Halloween 2002 - Part 2


After northing went to work, I fell back asleep on the couch. I woke up at 11:30 AM when Kyle called to check up on me. I took a shower and shaved off my beard. I look a lot different without my beard. I finished getting dressed and decided to drive around Monterey and see what was there.

I first stopped off at the Visitor's Center to get a guide, some brochures, and a map. Then I headed off to find some place interesting. I ended up driving around Monterey's ghetto, which was better kept than most of the neighborhood around here, and located a nice small little quiet park. After a few minutes there I went looking for other little finds.

As I was driving, I saw a Mexican food restaurant and decided to stop and eat since it was already 1:00 PM. The food was great. I love authentic Mexican food, but they didn't use enough cilantro. I guess it is too much for the people in Monterey.

While I was there, Kyle called and told me he was able to get my name on the access list so I could visit the campus where he worked. We were to meet back at his place around 4:00 PM.

After eating, I wanted to get my haircut and drove over to Super Cuts. I was told it would be a 15-minute wait. I also noticed that each person that came in was told it would be a 15-minute wait. Hmmm. I really don't know how long I waited, because I happened to notice a really cute guy waiting for his haircut. One of those guys that makes you do a double take. Wow! I didn't have the nerve to talk to him, but I couldn't keep my eyes off of him. He had on a Midas work shirt that was actually nice on him. I found out his name was Brian and that he was in the Army. Amazing what you can learn from eavesdropping. Hehe. He ended up getting a high and tight haircut. It was very becoming on him.

I was still waiting when another guy walked in. He worked there and was just coming in to work. There was no doubt in my mind that he was family and he was cute as hell. He knew I was looking at him, but he didn't say anything to me.

I met up with Kyle and he took me over to the campus. It was an amazing old building that used to be a hotel before being taken over by the military. I got to see Kyle's office and he showed me around the building. It had high design-painted ceilings and very large gathering rooms. They were getting ready for the Marine's Ball, but I was able to see the ballroom while the band was practicing.

Kyle took me downstairs to the pub and I got to see all the mugs hanging from the ceiling. It was a weird feeling. After reading Kyle's journal, I felt like I had been there before. We got some beers and headed over to the buffet table for some…interesting grub. I still have no idea what I ate. :-) mooflyfoof joined us and we sat down at a booth. We were later joined by two more of Kyle's friends. Mark had eyes that were mesmerizing and a smile that could make ice melt. *sigh*

After the drinks Kyle and I headed to Carmel for dinner. The place where he wanted to take me was closed for remodeling so we found ourselves at a small restaurant with a nice atmosphere. We had lobster ravioli appetizer and the Mahi special for dinner. mmmmm very very good food.

While we were eating the waiter/owner (I'm not sure what he was) turned down the lights by us to make it a little more romantic. It was very effective. :-)

After dinner, Kyle took me to the beach where we laid on a blanket and watched the stars and a meteor shower. It was incredible. Listening to the waves crashing onto the shore and lying next to someone under the stars, I could have stayed there all night if it wasn't so cold.

When we could no longer stand the cold, we hurried back to the nice warm car (Sparky) and headed home. Once we got back I had to dump a lot of sand out of my shoes. We decided to turn in because we would be spending the next day in San Francisco and wanted to get an early start.

Once again I didn't have any trouble sleeping on the comfy couch.

Note: if you visit Kyle, make sure you bring toilet paper with you! LOL

-- end of part 2 --

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