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Right now I want to buy two cameras, a web cam and a digital camera. I have my 35mm Pentax auto focus camera but it is getting up in years, yet still works well. The only exception is the night focusing feature, which died when my camera got wet. It's not hard to do on a ship. Anyway, having to pay for the processing is what I don't like.

I need a web cam that does well in low light, since I spend most of my online time at night and in cave like conditions. :-) I like the feel of spelunking while online. When I search the Internet, I keep coming up with actual cam sites. I'm not having too much luck finding actual web cams. I want to compare them. I have an old Logitech Quickcam that I bought in 1996, but it has a parallel interface and I don't want to have to unplug my printer to use it. Plus, the resolution sucks and it has a very grainy picture.

I have absolutely no idea what features I need or want on a digital camera. I have never even read reviews on these things. Can somebody give me pointers on what to be looking for?
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