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I have been looking at the warning label on my sleeping pills and I just have to shake my head. It seems to me that it's the useless information that makes it to instruction sheets and packaging and the information you need to know is nowhere to be found. For example: Sleeping pills warning - May cause drowsiness. Use care when operating a car or dangerous machinery....Well, I sure hope it causes drowsiness! Electric Iron - This unit must be plugged into an electrical outlet in order to operate properly. Properly? What else would you use it for? A paper weight? Hard Candy - Remove this wrapper before eating. I'm not sure but I would consider those pretty common sense items.

Software on the other hand, seems to go in the opposite direction. Instruction are extremely vague and expect the user to just intuitively know how the program is supposed to work. I often run into statements like, refer to the help file included with the software. Unless you need to know how to start (which you have to do anyway to get the help) the program, the help you are looking for will not be available.

I guess there aren't enough law suits for software companies to include all the information about their products.

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