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Senior Day at Santa Anita Park

I won! :-D I won $9 in the last race. I happened to spend $20 on all my bets today, but I had a lot of fun. I'm not a gambler, but even with my $2-6 bets, I got excited as the horses neared the finish line. I can't pick horses, that's for sure. I had a heck of a time even figuring out how to make a bet. It's a completely different world with its own language and set of rules.

Being that it was senior day, the staff and the people at the betting windows were very helpful in helping the clueless. I definitely fit into the clueless category where horse racing is concerned. But I now know the difference between win, place, show, and exacta. I'm not exactly sure how that will help in the future, but you never know. I might have to use one of these terms to save my life some day...What?!?...It could happen.

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