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Getting Ready

I've been up since 6:00 AM doing an emergency load of laundry. I was invited at the last minute to take a trip to Santa Anita Race Track today. I have never been, so I accepted the offer. It's going to be a strange trip as I will be the only member of this group that is under the age of 60. This should be interesting to say the least.

In doing the single load of laundry, I made the mistake of putting a new pair of jeans in the load with my underwear and a bright yellow polo shirt. As I pulled the underwear out of the washer a few minutes ago, they were a dull blue-gray and my nice bright yellow polo shirt isn't bright yellow anymore. This is the second yellow shirt I've killed in the past two months. The first I killed when I wasn't paying attention and it went in with the whites, which I proceeded to bleach to death. At least I have other shirts I can wear today.

We leave at 9:45 this morning and we will be served lunch as well. Not bad for a completely free trip. I hope I have fun and don't have to put on my "please the elder's" smile on my face all day.

We'll I'm off to the races!

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