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Today was an eventful day that turned out not feeling like an eventful day. I guess is was all the waiting around I had to do. The waiting started last night around dinner time when I was reminded that I had lab tests scheduled for today. One of the tests was for cholesterol. I was supposed to fast for at least 12 hours. Oops, no dinner. Well I wouldn't have minded too much on any other day, but when I'm told I can't eat, I become very hungry.

That night, I kept waking up every hour or two and looking at the clock (the new clock). I was wide-awake the last hour so I got up and took a shower, brushed my hair and teeth (not with the same brush), and got dressed. Since it was still early, I got online to check email and LJ.

I finally drove down to the VA to have my lab tests taken. This was the only time that I could not find a parking place. I drove around and around, then finally followed someone coming out of the building to their car. I went to check in and the lab was packed with people. I finally checked in and was handed my cup. I took my cup into the bathroom and couldn't go. When I did feel the urge to pee I was relieved, but I stopped soon after I started. Nooooo. I tried and tried, but I was tapped out. *sigh* I secured everything and went back to the counter expecting the assistant to say sorry try again. She informed me that my little dribble in the cup was fine. *Whew* I went to the waiting area to wait some more for my blood to be drawn.

After what seemed like forever, my name was called and I was shown to the back cubicle where I was forgotten. I had just about fallen asleep when somebody walking by, noticed me sitting there. He called out to one of the phlebotomists (sp?) and Lurch came over and asked me my social security number. This guy was Taallllll. He also talked with a lisp and had very familiar flamboyant gestures. I smiled and thought, "He's Family." It took him one minute from start to finish filling up 4 test tubes and bandaging my arm. Damn that was fast. He might have looked like Lurch, but he didn't move like him.

I left and headed straight for the nearest food source, which happened to be Denny's. On the way I got stuck because of road construction. With nowhere to go, I just sat, along with everybody else. I reached Denny's, ate, and left. Sorry no drama. :-) The only trouble I had going home was I got stuck behind a truck that was bellowing out toxic fumes from under the hood. *cough* *cough* *gag*

The rest was same ol', same ol'. Jump online and get my LJ fix. I admit it, I'm an LJ Junkie!

FYI, I hate peeing in a cup!

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