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I Wish You Fair Winds and Following Seas!

I had located a friend of mine from the Navy on and sent him an email. This was the response I received:
Hi Greg,
This is Sue, Cosmo's wife. I remember you from the Wainwright. This is not easy for me. But I wanted to reply to your e-mail. I forgot that we were registered in the classmates websight. Cos passed away on March 20th. We retired here in Jacksonville. Cos was working for the Jacksonville Ports Authority. On March 20th he fell from a crane. I really have no details on what happened other than knowing that something was terribly wrong with the equipment and it was an accident that should not have happened. He was working in the crane operators booth when a window on the floor of the room popped out and he fell through. He was working on the inside of the booth getting it ready to paint. I feel that he was on his hands and knees cleaning and prepping the area for painting when the window gave way and he fell out with it. This is all very difficult, but I wanted you to know and if you feel so inclined you can e-mail back at Thank you for writing.

Damn! It seems like I'm always too late!

Cosmo and Sue have a son that would be 14 now and would more than likely be starting high school. Now he'll have to face the challenges ahead without his father. At least he still has Sue.

I am sick to my stomach and have been crying ever since I read the email. I didn't think that it would hit me this hard, but I got really attached to Cosmo. Being on the ship together, you don't just work with each other, you live with these guys as well. I developed a strong bond with many of the guys I worked and was stationed with. Cos will be missed.

I'm sorry if this doesn’t flow, but I'm having trouble writing this.

UPDATE: I'm doing much better. I have been looking through my photo albums and it has brought back a lot of happy memories. I can still hear his laugh. :-) The tears are gone, but the heavyness in my chest still remains.

Big hugs to all my friends. Your comments have really been very helpful to me.


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