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Playing with computers

Today I spent most of the day reloading a friend’s computer. He bought a new hard drive and asked me if I could put it in for him. I said sure, no problem. I told him it wouldn't take me that long to put it in. I changed the jumpers on the old drive and made it a slave and installed and connected the new drive. No problem. Then I configured the bios, no problem. I made and image copy of the old drive to the new drive, no problem. Then I restarted the computer. The windows screen came up and everything looked great. Then I noticed something strange. The C: drive was still reporting 4 GB, not the new 58~60 GB it should be showing, so I proceeded to check the D: drive. It was showing 55 GB. Arrrrgh! I didn't even think about it. This was XP! It has a way of recording the drive letter to the drive itself, just like NT. So I thought I'd be sly and change the drive letters. Well, I don't know if you can do it or if I did it in the wrong order, but when I restarted the computer....XP started to load, then nothing. Damn!

I called John up and asked him as if I hadn't started anything yet,

Me: Is there anything on your old hard drive that you need to keep?
John: You mean will I be devastated if it all gets wiped out?
Me: Yeah
John: No
Me: Good
John Why?
Me: Well, it would just be easier if I reinstalled XP onto the new drive.
John: Okay, go ahead.

Whew, did I get lucky on that one? I know better than trying something on someone else’s machine that I haven't done to my own without backing up everything first.

Anyway, I FDISK'd both drives and installed, activated, and registered XP and had to set up MSN Explorer and download all the service packs and updates. And since John only has a 56K modem, it only took 4 hours for the updates to download and install.

He's happy. I'm relieved. And nobody got hurt.

Mini crisis over, kissing ass avoided. Normally I wouldn't mind that, but John is uh...not my type. :-)

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