Gregory Sare Landolt (gregoid) wrote,
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Thank You!

As I look all around to see,
total darkness is there for me.

I feel around for a familiar touch,
unable to locate a clue and such.

When I smell the air so stale,
tears well up and I go pale.

As I taste those salty drops,
tearing slows and then it stops.

I listen for a voice or cry,
what comes back is the question why?

Once again my senses failed,
for my mind just up and bailed.

I realize where I must be.
I'm stuck in my own misery.

I speak out loud and I ask for help,
for I'm unable to find myself.

My friends speak up and make it clear,
wherever I am, they are here.

Lights come on and I can see,
all my friends surrounding me.

My pain and misery fades within,
as love and joy comes rushing in.

To all my friends the world apart,
I'd like to thank you from my heart!

BIG HUGS to all my friends.

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