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Out of Steam

I ran out of steam at work today. When I came back from lunch, I was just drained. Luckily the rest of the day wasn't too busy. It was steady which kept the day moving quickly, but when we had a lull in the customers I just sort of leaned slumped against the paint shakers or the counter and talked to my co-workers. Even after dinner I found my eyes closing as I was surfing the web.

I went to bed around 9:00 pm, but I woke up around midnight. I'm still drained, which is a good thing. That means that I'll be able to get back to sleep after taking my little nap. I'm just wondering why I don't have any energy.

I don't feel sick except for some sinus pressure and I don't feel depressed. I guess I won't dwell too much about it.

I have the next two days off, so I can sleep-in tomorrow and try to re-charge my batteries and see if that helps.

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Dan (rogonandi) and I had a nice dinner tonight ( I guess it is technically yesterday since it's after midnight). We went to Pizza Hut and had a nice conversation while waiting for the pizza and wings to arrive. It's a nice change from the way things have become during our meals lately.

The day before, we went to Denny's and I forced a conversation. Dan wasn't having a good day and I had him talk to me. In the process of talking, I began asking him a lot of getting-to-know-you questions. I asked questions like, "If green was not available as a color, what would be your favorite color?" Weird stuff like that. It was actually pretty cool. We have gotten into a routine for the last couple of years and it was nice to act like we were dating again. It softened his mood after he asked me why I was asking him all these weird questions and I enjoyed getting to know my husband again.

I hope I've broken the not-paying-attention-to-each-other habit we have gotten into. It does make evenings with my husband much more enjoyable.

{{BIG HUGS, Sweetheart}}
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