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Beautiful Day

Today started out being a beautiful day. Now? Not so much. The dark clouds are rolling in and I think we might be in for some rain. But the day is not a total loss, so it averages out to be a nice day. :)

I took a co-worker out to lunch today. It was her last day today, so I thought I'd treat her to lunch.

Being in a good mood, I decided to get my hairs cut. I can't say that I got all my hairs cut. There are still some hairs on my body that didn't get cut. I'll leave that part up to your imagination.

Speaking of hair removal, I've been thinking a lot lately about getting some areas waxed. I have no idea why. I've had the hair on my arm waxed once and it hurt like all hell. I never even did the other arm because it hurt so damn much. No one ever commented on my one smooth arm and my one hairy arm. Either they were being polite, or it was the fact that I wore a lot of long-sleeved shirts until the hair grew back out again.

I still can't see myself going to a salon to have it done. I'll just do it myself. Well, I'll get Dan (rogonandi) to help out as well. The waxing only one arm fiasco was me trying to do it alone. I know it will go easier with two people. It will still be painful.
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