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Back and Leg Pain

For the last 10 days I've been dealing with lower back pain and pain in my left leg. It began with my back being sore on Wednesday that became more and more uncomfortable that day. Then when I woke up on Thursday morning, my back was killing me and my left leg began to hurt so much that I thought I was going to die. The only position that helped the pain at that time was lying on my back with my knees bent. That position didn't work for long but it was better than anything else.

I called into work and told the Department Supervisor that answered the phone what was going on and she told me, "Get your ass to the hospital, mister!" After many tears while putting on my clothes, I was able to call a taxi and make my way to the ER.

While standing at the triage window of the ER, it was apparent to me that I couldn't stand for much longer. I was looking at this handsome EMS guy that had brought in a lady on a gurney earlier and he saw me slowly slide down out of view from the window. I ended up lying on the floor and felt a lot better in that position. Within a couple of seconds, he and his female partner were standing over me to make sure I was alright. After finding out that I didn't just pass out, he got hold of a nurse. The nurse made me stand back up and wait. I couldn't stand for that long. She asked me to sit, which I couldn't do at all. She said that I couldn't lie on the floor because if I passed out, it would be harder to get me up.

The thoughts running through my head at the time were, "Bitch. It would be a lot worse if I passed out from the pain while standing up and slam my head on the floor then." But I refrained from getting upset as I really wanted to be treated and didn't want to get turned away. The triage nurse was finally able to get my vitals and sent me to the waiting room to...wait.

After 2 hours of unbearable pain while sitting in the waiting room, I was escorted to a makeshift bed in what looked like a storage room in a corridor off of the main ER floor. The wind that blew through there was freezing as it blew right down the corridor from the outside. I was grateful to be lying down so I really didn't care all that much. I changed into my fashionable hospital gown and "relaxed" for another 2 hours before the doctor made his appearance.

By the time the doctor came to see me, my left leg was in so much pain that I was whimpering. I told him that I had made an appointment with my family doctor, but that wasn't until Monday. The ER doc decided to just treat me for the pain and let my doctor do the necessary tests to find out the actual cause of the pain on Monday. The ER doc thought that it was a problem with one of my discs and gave me a shot of Morphine and Gravol. He also gave me a prescription for Percocet for the pain and Colace to help with the constipation as well as a Doctor's Note letting my work know that I couldn't work for 2 weeks.

The bus ride on Monday to my doctor's office was pure Hell! Way too many potholes!

My Doctor ordered x-rays and blood work, which I was supposed to do when I was feeling better as he didn't think I could have handled doing them with the amount of pain that I was in at the time. He thought that I might have Spinal Stenosis. He gave me a prescription for a longer acting pain medication (Hydromorph Contin). He also gave me a prescription for Physiotherapy.

The x-rays came back and showed that I have some arthritis in my back, but nothing that would cause this pain, and that nothing was out of alignment.

Soooo, the final diagnosis is that I have a back strain AND I pulled a muscle in my groin.

When my doctor told me that, I immediately flashed back as to what may have caused all this. SEX!

Dan and I tried a new position and in the process, I pulled my groin muscle. I'm not sure if the back was strained at that time or not. All in all, Dan and I had a great time, so I'm not angry at myself for doing it(And NO Dan! It's not your fault!).

Lesson learned. Stretches and exercise are important when you are trying new positions. :D
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