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That Special Someone

That Special Someone
Gregory R. Sare
August 24, 1996

A relationship that transcends friendship.
One that's based on caring and trust.
Fueled by love and understanding,
not by greed or lust.

Looking for someone to hold your hand
and sit with you by your side.
To walk with you and talk with you,
as you feel like running to hide.

To bring you flowers and a kiss,
for no other reason than who you are.
Then compliment you on your looks,
to make you feel like a star.

Someone who's willing to compromise,
who's decisions are not set in stone.
Someone who will listen to your side
and not make you feel alone.

Someone to spend eternity with.
to share your hopes and dreams.
and try to bring you down to earth,
when you come apart at the seams.

Someone you want to please and do things for.
Go that extra mile, when there's no need.
To give support and strength and confidence
to help that person succeed.

A dream, a wish, a glimmer of hope,
at times you think there's none.
But patience is very important
in finding That Special Someone.

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