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Yay! They finally fixed the dryer! It only took them 5+ weeks to do so.

I called Diamond Laundry twice to report the problem with the dryer and rogonandi called them as well. I guess someone finally contacted the condo association because there is a new sign up saying to contact Diamond Laundry as well as some guy from the association that is in charge of our property. Having the association contact as well is a great thing. Maybe it won't take as long the next time.

Diamond Laundry is usually great about keeping the washer and dryer maintained. When I called them in the past, they were out in a day or two to fix any problems. I don't know what the issue was this time around.

Anyway, the laundry is all clean and put away. It is such a good feeling to have it all done.
Tags: apartment, laundry, repairs
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