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Tomorrow afternoon is Friends and Family day at our Home Depot store. It is what we are calling our Soft Opening. The store actually goes live and we get to sell stuff. This gives us a chance to sell stuff without the madhouse of the public being there.

Plus, if things go wrong when things go wrong, friends and family should be more understanding than regular customers might otherwise be.

Even so, I'm scared shitless! I'm trying not to get worried about it, but every now and then I get butterflies in my stomach. Not to mention that the store's Grand Opening is this Thursday! Only 5 days away. Aaaaaah!

Today was the first day that ANYONE in the store was able to access the Appliance Ordering System (AOS). The Store Manager didn't even know that there was a problem until I told him today that I couldn't get into the system. He tried and found out that he couldn't get in either. So he called IT Help and they added us to the access list. The Assistant Store Manager came around the corner at that time, so she talked to the IT guy on the phone and was added to the list as well. Then other associate, who works in Kitchens, walked by and she was added too. So now there are at least 4 of us that can access the AOS and can create appliance orders for customers; The Store Manager, one of the Assistant Store Managers, a Kitchens Associate, and me. It should be interesting.

The store does look awesome, though. Looking down the isles and NOT seeing pallets of items sitting on the floor waiting for someone to put them on the shelves, just makes me smile. A month ago there was stuff EVERYWHERE except where it was supposed to be. Now it is all put away. :D
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