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And then there was one

We lost another person in our Selling Kitchens training class. We only have 4 people left.

The odd thing is that the people that leave happen to be sitting right next to me the day before each time. I come into class and I'm off by myself again and have to move over to be closer to the rest of the group. Good thing I'm not insecure or I might begin to wonder if I'm driving them away. :)

We were joking yesterday that at the beginning of class today that I should be the only one sitting in the classroom when our instructor comes in. The others will then come in after the instructor sees that I'm the only one left.

And on the topic of losing people...the other associate in my department resigned/quit, so I'm the only person left in the Appliance Department. Like I said before, good thing I'm not insecure.
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