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Happy Thanksgiving, Canucks!

Dan will be spending time at a friend's house today, so we had our Thanksgiving celebration yesterday. We didn't cook a dinner or anything. We decided to eat out instead. We went to Denny's. I had turkey and pumpkin pie, but the turkey was in The Super Bird sandwich. Dan decided to go for something different and had Mozzarella Sticks and Apple Crisp.

We did say what we were thankful for, so that's the most important part I think.

Our waitress didn't charge us for our desserts or Dan's non-free refills, so we gave her a good tip. :)

While we were there, the manager was helping cook and broke into singing "O Canada." One of the cooks joined in and we were entertained while we ate. :)

I might cook up a turkey for Thanksgiving in November. We'll have to see what happens as it gets closer.
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