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First Day

The first day of orientation went fine. We watched a lot of videos and went through the "Code of Conduct" step by step. They are pretty serious about respect of everybody.

Everybody seems really nice. There are a couple of characters in the bunch, but that makes it all the more fun and entertaining.

I met my supervisor. She is in my orientation class. She seems pretty cool. I already forgot her name. Good thing her name is on her apron.

Speaking of which...I was given my orange apron and an orange hard hat. My hard hat even has my name one it. The hard hat is only while the store is still being set-up. Once the contractor says that it is okay not to wear them, we won't have to wear them anymore. But right now, we have to wear them when ever we are in the store. We don't have to wear them in the break room and training rooms. Those places have already been cleared.

Well, it's time to head to work.
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