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Cards and Bank Accounts

I received my Permanent Resident Card in the mail today. It is very colorful (or should I say colourful now?). It's cool to be able to show an actual card to those who need to see it.

Speaking of cards...Dan and I went clothes shopping at Sears on Monday to replace some of his work clothes that were damaged when someone at his work washed them using the wrong detergent. I was asked at the register if I'd like to apply for a Sears Mastercard and receive 10% off our purchase. I said why not. I mean 10% is pretty good and it didn't matter if I was approved or not to receive the discount. To my surprise, I was approved for a card. I'm guessing it is a regular Mastercard, but I'll find out for sure when the actual card arrives in the mail.

My next thing to do is to get a Canadian bank account. That way I'll be able to have my pay check deposited directly into that account.

I have a bank account with Wells Fargo Bank, but that is based in the US and is in USD funds. And each time I use my Wells Fargo debit card here in Canada, I have to pay a 3% currency conversion fee.

I'm checking out 5 Canadian banks and comparing what they have to offer. The banks are Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Bank of Nova Scotia (Scotiabank), TD Canada Trust, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) , and Bank of Montreal (BMO).

I also need to get my Health Card. I have filled out the application to add myself to Dan's account. I just need to make copies of my IDs then take everything to Alberta Health and Wellness.
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