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Shaw interview

The interview with Shaw Communications went well. I was told that I should hear something within 48 hours if everything went well. If I don't hear something by that time, then it means that I didn't make the cut. I was told that Human Resources is pretty good with the 48 hour time limit.

If I get the job with Shaw, I'll probably have to take a taxi home on the nights that I work until 12:00 midnight. The last bus that passes by there comes at 12:04. That gives me 4 minutes to do what ever I have to do after my shift ends and run out the door to catch the bus. And that is if the bus is on time and not early. And my experience with the last bus of the evening is that it flies through the route so that the driver can get back to the bus garage as quickly as possible. And the bus on that particular route doesn't even run on Sunday, so I'd have to take another bus and walk to work. It's not bad now, but in the winter, the snow would slow me down.

All in all, it's good money, so the pros and cons even out.
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