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Two interviews

I have two interviews this week (or next week if you start the week on Monday). The first one is with Shaw Communications. They are a cable company that offers television, Internet, and digital phone services. That interview is on Monday. The second interview is on Wednesday with Homo Depot. This will be my third interview with them. I guess I passed my background and reference checks. I'm not surprised that I passed the checks, but I am surprised that Homo Depot called me on a Sunday.

I picked up some new jeans that FIT and a new shirt from Sears. They are having an awesome sale going on right now and everything that I bought was on sale. Yay me!

I didn't get my hairs cut though. As long as the wind doesn't kick up tomorrow before the interview with Shaw, I'll be fine. If the wind does kick up then it's possible that my hair will be going in every direction.
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