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Coolness! I just got a call from Home Depot. They called me for a second interview. My interview is scheduled for Friday, 9/12/08 at 1:30PM. I applied last night.

It's been 7 years since I was in the workforce and I'm a bit nervous to return to work, but I'm totally excited at the same time. I have hated not working.

Home Depot is opening a new store and is a few blocks away. It is within walking distance, so it's great to be my first place to apply.

Since the building is still under construction, they have a make-shift office set up in the Westmount Mall.

I have noticed a difference in searching for places to work here in Canada. Almost all of the companies require you to submit a resume. Even the fast food places. I can't imagine having to submit a resume before I was hired at McDonald's as a teenager.
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