Gregory Sare Landolt (gregoid) wrote,
Gregory Sare Landolt

Laundry and the trip

I'm doing laundry right now. I know that's a strange thing to start off with after not having posted for a while, but that was the only thing in my head and I couldn't think of anything else to write until I got that out.

Now that that is over with...Dan and I took a trip to the border on Monday then spent a couple more days in Calgary. I needed to ENTER Canada to complete my immigration and receive permanent residence.

Before we headed to the border, we visited the Calgary Tower, while waiting for the 4:00 PM check in time at the hotel. The Tower was cool. You could walk 360° around the top of the tower and check out the city from 525 feet above. There was also a section of the floor that was made of glass and looked like you were floating in the air when you stood on it. Every time I stepped onto the glass I did it cautiously and held on to the railing. I knew the glass wouldn't break, but I still walked on the glass like I was walking on egg shells. It was a bummer that I forgot to pack the camera. That would have been a cool picture.

After we checked into the hotel, we made the trip to the border to leave Canada and do a u-turn on the U.S. side so I could enter Canada. Everything went smooth and everyone was so nice and helpful. And I was helped by a very cute customs officer, twice!

After we finished up at the border and started the drive to Calgary, it began to rain with lightning strikes visible in the rear-view mirror. The timing was perfect. I find that my upper back between my shoulder blades tenses up when I drive in the rain at night. As it was I was relaxed at the border which was nice. By the time we reached Calgary, I couldn't turn my head without some pain shooting through my shoulders. But the pain quickly went away as I laid on the bed in the hotel room.

The next morning (Tuesday), we planned on visiting the Calgary Zoo, but it didn't stop raining until 1:00 PM, so we drove around the city and ended up seeing Wall-E and the theatre.

We checked out Wednesday and went to the zoo. I really enjoyed the zoo. I think the most memorable part about the zoo is when this young boy was attacked by a hawk. If we would have reached the hawks cage 2 minutes earlier, we would have seen the attack happen. As it was, all we saw was a screaming kid and the mother telling the other parents not to let their kids go into the aviary and told the story about how the hawk (she kept calling it an owl) grabbed the boy by the top of the head and knocked him to the ground. In no time there was a zoo keeper on the scene and telling the parent that the zoo's EMS was called and would be there shortly. The boy seemed fine to me. I mean the kid didn't have any visible blood or anything. All in all it was pretty exciting.

Well the trip is over and we're back home. It was a nice mini-vacation.
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