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Canadian Visa

I received my passport back from the Canadian Consulate General in Los Angeles. It has a pretty looking Canadian Visa attached to it. Yay!

Now I have to make plans to leave Canada and then re-enter Canada for "landing." Once I land, the final stage is done and my Permanent Residence Card will be mailed to my Canadian address.

My sister, Piper and I were one the phone with each other all day yesterday, while Dan was at work. Piper and I were looking at every flight we could find from Edmonton (YEG) to Los Angeles (LAX). It looks that on average the round-trip flight for Dan and me will cost about $1,000. The cheapest flight was through AAA/CAA. That was $940.

At one point, Piper suggested that Dan and I just take a cruise or something, and just have a honeymoon, since we haven't had one yet. That sounded like a great idea, so Piper and I were looking at all different cruises, or vacations that were all-inclusive. That way we didn't have to pay more for food.

The only requirement that I have is that we must leave Canada and return by September 22, 2008. That is when my Visa expires and I have to land on or before that date.

Piper then suggested that we might be able to split the fare four-ways between Piper, Paige, Nana, and Dan and me. That would only be $250 a piece. That is much easier to do. So the idea of Dan and I going to California is back least for now. We have no idea how my sister, Paige will take to this idea. Paige is all about Paige. If it's not about her then it's a crap shoot whether she'll be interested or not.

If all else fails, Dan and I can just rent a car and drive across the border and come back. It's not as much fun as a vacation, but it will work. Dan though really wants to take a vacation. The last vacation that he had was a year and a half ago.

There are a lot cheaper ways to go for a vacation if we didn't have to leave Canada, but the whole idea is leaving Canada and coming back.
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