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Computer is not working

I'm currently using rogonandi's computer because my laptop has not been working for the last week. During the boot up process the laptop reboots and starts all over again. It doesn't seem to reboot in the same place, so it isn't a certain file that is causing it. I'm not sure if it is hard drive related or the motherboard.

I wish there was some way that I could retrieve the data from the hard drive. If it was a regular computer, I'd just remove the drive and connect it to another computer as a slave drive and either copy the data or burn it on to a CD or DVD.

The problem is that all of my computers are in storage in Maine. There is only Dan's laptop and my laptop here. I don't know of any way to connect an additional hard drive to a laptop. I'm going to do some research online to see if it can be done. Oh wait! I just thought about external drives! I'm sure there is some sort of external case I can buy that would do the trick.

In any case, I'll have to share Dan's computer until I solve the mystery.
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