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Winter doesn't want to say goodbye

It has been snowing all night and it is still coming down now. We now have a few inches of the white stuff covering everything again. It looks like we are in for quite a bit more snow at this rate.

If the sun comes out before this snow compacts into ice, then it won't stay around that long. I'm not sure if I want the snow to stay around or not. I'm not tired of the snow like I used to get when I was living in Maine. Maine had much more snow fall than Edmonton, Alberta has.

Before this latest snow fall, we still had quite a bit of ice that was taking its own sweet time in melting. Now all the ice that hasn't melted yet is getting a clean blanket of snow to top it off.

There is a garage across the alley that I can see clearly from our living room. The North side of the roof faces our living room so I've been watching the ice melt on it for a while now. The day before yesterday, the last of the ice melted away. It was kind of a game with me to measure how much ice had melted from day to day. I was excited when the last of it melted, like finishing a race, but I was sad as well, since there was no more to watch. I guess Mother Nature figured she'd send some more snow down so I could watch it melt all over again.
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