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Whew! It's over.

What a day! Not a good one.

First off we picked up a money order for rent and the manager wasn't in the office. Strike #1.

I then headed to the bus stop so we could catch the bus downtown. Which was the next thing on our list. Dan asked me where we were going. I told him and he flipped out because I had the money order in my possession. We went home and dropped off the money order and missed the bus. Strike #2.

We got to the passport office to pick up a form, which was also on the list of things to do. We found out that they changed the requirement for who can be a Guarantor. Now it is anyone with a valid Canadian passport, including relatives. So we didn't need the form after all. Dan was upset because he said that he didn't know anyone else for more than 2 years. At this point, "Jumping through hoops," as Dan put it, became a stressful situation for me and a bitch session for Dan. Strike #3.

We did get all the errands done, but it wasn't a pleasant day for me. The best part of the day was when we went to a Comic store and Dan looked through Magic cards. It was relaxing for me and Dan found a few cards that he liked.

When we got home I handed Dan the passport application and told him that when HE feels like doing something with it, he can ask me and I'll be more than happy to help him out, but I will not bug him about it or remind him that he needs to get information, that he needs to get references/guarantor or photos. I will be very happy to help, but I get stressed when he gets angry when I mention the passport stuff.
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