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Can't Sleep

It's past 3:00 AM and I still can't sleep.

So what did I do while waiting to get tired, you ask? I did my taxes online. It wasn't that bad.

I'm also currently printing forms and gathering together the last of the supporting documents so I can finally mail the immigration paperwork. That was a long sentence. You should have seen it before I chopped it down to the size it is now.

I wonder why rambling occurs more when tired? Not sure.

Anyways, where was I? ...Oh yeah, immigration paperwork. Dan and I went to the bank today and paid the immigration fees. Tomorrow I will make copies of all the supporting documents, like birth certificates, my passport, the marriage certificate, and other stuff. The checklist looks close to completion. Just a few more items to check off.

My nerves seem to be attacking in waves. I get butterflies, then I'm relaxed, then worry sets in, then I'm excited.... It keeps going back and forth.

Being so close to mailing is cause for excitement, but at the same time it's closer to the point that I will have no control at all over what happens. That causes panic and worry and turns up the volume to the inner voice. "Do you have everything you need? What if this isn't enough? Did I word this clearly enough?" Blah, blah blah. ... The volume is back to whisper level again. *relaxing breath*

Ahh, my body is finally ready to let me get some sleep. G'night...
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