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Packing, laptop, and bugs

Oh my goodness! Shame on me. Bad, Greg! It has almost been an entire month since I last posted.

Let's see...The biggest news is that I'm moving to Canada. I'm moving on September 26 to Edmonton, Alberta to be with my husband, Dan (rogonandi). I've been throwing stuff away, sorting what's left, and packing for storage. Thursday, the 20th, I will pick up the U-Haul truck and take the last load to the storage unit. I will then have 5 days (4 actually, because I have an appointment with my doctor on Friday) to clean the apartment without anything around to get in the way.

Tomorrow is my last day to pack and I still have a shit load to pack. The thing that's slowing everything down is having to make a list of everything that I own so that I can give to the customs officers when my immigration paperwork for Permanent Residence gets approved. Not only that, but I have to write down the serial numbers of electronics and expensive items. So that has been ongoing for a few weeks.

And to make matters more difficult, my laptop has been giving me trouble. It seems to be okay for the time being *knocks on wood*. It seems to be a heat related issue. As the computer gets hot and both fans are working at top speed for a while, the response time of the computer slows down and there are moments when the computer freezes for a few seconds. If I don't shut the computer down, I will see the "Blue Screen of Death" and the laptop will reboot on its own.

Currently, the temperature is chilly in here and the laptop seems quite happy. My fingers and toes are not as happy. If they could move, I'm sure they'd be complaining.

I'll look into the problem when I get up to Canada. I just don't have to time to figure it out right now. It's also been a reason why I haven't read or posted to lj in a while.

What else.... My Cholesterol is higher than it should be. I'm on medication to bring that down.

Oh! Ants! My kitchen has been overrun with the little buggers. Actually, they are not so little. They are big. I have set out ant bait to kill off the entire colony. Within 30 minutes of setting down the bait stakes, there were AT LEAST 50 of them all over the stakes. That was a few days ago. Today I only noticed a couple of ants around the bait. I'm taking that as a sign that it's working.

I know that I'm forgetting a bunch of stuff. But it's late and I still have packing and listing to do, so I'll rack my brain later.
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